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Fire Chief Wood/Coal Burning Furnace

Put an end to your worries and keep warm this winter and for many winters to come with one of our Bright Red Fire Chief  Wood and Coal Burning furnaces. Designed for maximum efficiency with the unique 360° Roller Grate and a Secondary Combustion Chamber - each furnace is pre-wired for easy installation, constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel and Cast Iron for strength and durability.

  • The Fire Chief 500, 700, and 1100 may also be used for coal burning with no modifications. 
  • Comfortably heats 1500-5000 square feet depending on the model.

We will need to know the square feet of your home, what the current BTU rating is of your gas furnace (if applicable) and what type of flue system you have in order to determine which size furnace and flue system you need.

Can be installed as a stand-alone unit or alongside a forced-air gas furnace using the same ductwork to distribute heat.

Fire Chief Features

  • Heavy Duty construction for maximum structural strength

  • Secondary combustion chamber increases fuel efficiency while re-burning smoke and wood gasses before they are vented up the chimney. 

  • Cold air return/filter box - this box filters the system air as well as connecting a cold air return duct necessary for good installation

  • Cast iron baffle directs the combustion air flow below and above the cast iron grates, creating the maximum fire temperature for every pound of fuel

  • Cast iron roller grate design to roll 360 degrees from either direction, allowing fine ash to drop into the ash pit and leaving hot coals in the firebox. Comes with lifetime warranty. 

  • Thermostatically controlled draft - adds convenience and comfort to fully automatic electrical components. 

  • 3-speed blower allows for gentle circulation of air when heating requirements are low, and high output when requirements are high.

  • Pre-wired electrical system - fully automatic components are pre-wired for your convenience. 

  • Enamel-finished, steel cabinet

  • Heavy-duty front cast iron baffle

  • Removable ash pan with handle

  • Safety door latch


-Domestic Hot Water Coils connect to your hot water heater and save energy costs by pre-heating the water.  A Temperature valve is recommended to keep water below 130°.  May not heat all the time - this is for supplemental heating only.

-12" Round Back Draft Damper closes off the furnace in the summer months when not is use to keep creosote odors from entering the air conditioning duct work. Also required for use with a gas furnace.

-Wall thermostat

We install Fire Chief furnaces in the Kansas City area.  Please call for an appointment with a technician to evaluate your chimney and check for clearance and liner requirements.  

We will ship anywhere in the U.S. - but you must arrange shipment to a business with a dock to receive it.  Freight companies will not deliver to residential areas. These units are very heavy, and require special equipment to unload and load.  Or, make arrangements with your local installer to receive it for you. 

Additional requirements:

For existing masonry chimney: A 6" - 8" diameter stainless steel chimney liner is required for the furnace, depending on the unit size.  Do not install directly into a clay tile liner because the risk of chimney fire is greater with a tile liner and the size is usually too large for the furnace to draft correctly. Excessive flammable creosote will result in a flue that is too large!  We use HomeSaver brand U.L. listed liners with a lifetime warranty. Sometimes the old tile liner must be removed to make room for the new liner.  THIS IS NOT A DIY PROJECT!  You'll need a professional chimney technician to do the installation.

For no existing chimney: Use CLASS A type (such as SuperPro) chimney pipe only. THIS IS NOT A DIY PROJECT!  You'll need a professional chimney technician to do the installation.

In the K.C. area: We will be glad to take measurements and give you an estimate for installation of the furnace and flue liner or Class A Chimney in the Kansas City area. 

Adequate combustion air is required from inside the home

Information we need from you:

Utility room height from floor to ceiling: __________

Size of utility room (L x W): __________

Space available for installation: __________________
(Must have 12” clearance to sides, 31” to back, and 36” in front) 

Model 500, 700, and 1100 Furnaces are all 55” tall and 26” wide

Model 700 is 31” deep, 1100 is 39” deep 

Is this a stand alone install? (no gas furnace) []yes  []no 

If used with gas furnace, how close to the furnace will the unit be installed?
(Ideally, the furnace would be installed right next to the gas furnace)

How well insulated is your house? 

What is the square footage of your house?

What state are you in? (for cold climate patterns and sizing of unit)


Please contact us for a current price list, inspection, and installation information

Fire Chief Furnace Owner's Manual with clearances and installation instructions

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